An Interview with Somaya Khan, Account Manager, Kulu Valley

May 16, 2014

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Name With the Face: Somaya Khan

Job Title: Account Manager

Organization: Kulu Valley


Job Function

As an account manager in the London headquarters of Kulu Valley, a digital communications solution provider that allows users to create and distribute interactive presentations, with video, synced slides, and other resources, Somaya Khan's main job is to make sure clients are using the platform's functionality to the fullest. "I advise on what works and what doesn't in the digital space," Khan says. While the platform is designed to be self-explanatory, she says, "Sometimes, clients just need some hand-holding, especially the first few times or when it's an especially important presentation." This could mean going to the client's offices to assist with video recordings or bringing clients to Kulu Valley's own production facilities.

Khan also contributes to internal projects, from editing website copy, to training new employees, to working on any new project initiatives. "I get a lot of variety in my job," she says.

In a Day's Work

Most days, Khan performs some combination of platform training, client calls, review meetings, live event streaming, on-demand presentation recording, and query handling in her quest to provide effective client service. "There are days when I rush from one meeting to another and hardly get time in the office," she says. "And there are days when I'm at my desk all day, working through follow-up actions. It's a real mixed bag of activity."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"Recently, one of our clients bumped into a prospective client at a House of Lords luncheon and without knowing the situation, he praised Kulu Valley and our platform to the skies. If we had paid for the publicity, it could not have been more effective. The prospect is now a client!"

View From the Desk

"We have an open plan office, and I sit at a block of six desks pushed together, so I see my colleagues' heads over their computer screens. It's great, though, because we constantly interact with each other and keep a light banter going."

Outside Interest

"I'm a cinephile, so I spend every free minute watching films at the cinema, on DVD, on TV, and on my laptop. I'm also fairly passionate about theater, so I go as often as I can and volunteer at Shakespeare's Globe theater."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I'd probably be a runner on a film set! Otherwise, teaching English in Southeast Asia sounds like a good idea."