An Interview with Sanja Gardaševic, Content and Campaign Manager, .ME

Article ImageName With the Face: Sanja Gardaševi

Job Title: Content and Campaign Manager




Job Function

As a content and campaign manager of .ME, a company that operates the personal domain name .ME, Sanja Gardaševic’s varied roles have a single purpose: to share stories of .ME domain names and its users. “As a company that does business in a mostly .com world, explaining what .ME is and why it should be your alternative is a challenge,” says Gardaševic.

As a content strategist, she looks for venues and ideas to help .ME reach as many people as possible. Gardaševic says, “I collaborate with authors, online influencers, and developers to create engaging campaigns for specific target markets. I’m also the editor of the .ME blog, where I work with authors to create content to help community members grow their personal and corporate brands.”

In a Day’s Work

“While most would think it’s all creating content, my job is actually about performance tracking and experimenting,” says Gardaševic. There are days she brainstorms campaign taglines or writes blog posts, but she says, “It comes down to analyzing the performance of our website content and experimenting with partnerships and distribution channels to provide the greatest ROI.”

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

“One section of our website features companies and people who have .ME, and we are sometimes mistaken for the company or service we’re writing about. Our last SXSW activation, with the funny tagline ‘StayWeirdWith.Me,’ was about encouraging people to evaluate their online presence and show their true selves online. After 10 minutes talking to one SXSW attendee, he had an epiphany: ‘Oh, I see! You are making me think about me. But it’s actually about .ME as well!’”

View From the Desk

“We split our time between our actual office and a cafe next door. Half the time, I look up to see our office’s industrial interior design, my colleagues typing away on their laptops or having a lively brainstorming session while lounging on beanbags. Other times, I find myself in a sunny, cozy cafe with a cup of tea in hand, surrounded by greenery.”

Outside Interest

“I have two life modes: crazy energetic or full stop. When I’m not working, I’m learning, traveling, or working on a side project. Or I’m curled up somewhere with my Cavalier puppy and a good book, preparing for a nap.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?

“Either a behavioral science professor or a travel blogger. Possibly both.”

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