An Interview with Ryan Hadfield, Marketing Manager, Bridgeline Digital

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Name With the Face: Ryan Hadfield

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Organization: Bridgeline Digital



Job Function

As the marketing manager for Bridgeline Digital, a content management software company, Ryan Hadfield's primary function is to generate leads and ensure that customers are making the most of the iAPPS platform. "While lead acquisition is the heart of what I do, I love nurturing current customers and prospects with weekly segmented email campaigns that include white papers, ebooks, and other forms of thought leadership," he says.

Because the Bridgeline team uses its own software, Hadfield doubles as a product marketer, working with internal stakeholders in various departments, including sales, R&D, and the delivery team.

In a Day's Work

Hadfield may spend time working with the Bridgeline sales team on customized follow-up strategies or helping to onboard new customers. "I could also be putting together customer case studies or conducting research and writing my next white paper or ebook to create traffic and enagement," Hadfield says. "Or I might put together a direct mail campaign. Once the content for any of these is complete, I help my designers lay out the piece."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"We work with a deeply underserved market for CMSs-that of large dealer networks and franchises. Many of the end users are small business owners who don't have a lot of time. My role is to get them interested in understanding the power of the iAPPS platform. It's fun to figure out ways to make customers laugh, like a Boot Camp-themed, ‘Get your website in shape for summer' initiative or a ‘Make your website work for you' workshop around Labor Day."

View From the Desk

"We have an open cube layout, so when I look up, I see co-workers, a pool table in the kitchen down the hall, and a lounge area to my right-replete with an Xbox 360 and a Game Cube."

Outside Interest

"Aside from beach bummin' it in the summer and snowboarding in the winter,

I basically eat popular culture for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Before entering the web experience management industry, I used to be a journalist-covering everything from the Boston Celtics to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I was in finance at J.P. Morgan, so marketing fuses my business acumen with my creative side. Because it's so key to where businesses should focus resources, I think I would still be in the web experience industry."