An Interview with Rob Gonzalez: Senior Production Manager, Cambridge Semantics, Inc.

Article ImageName With The Face:
Rob Gonzalez

Job Title:
Senior Product Manager

Cambridge Semantics, Inc.


Job Function:
As senior product manager at Cambridge Semantics, Inc., which provides operational intelligence software, Rob Gonzalez is responsible for developing and executing go-to-market strategies for Cambridge products.

"We have a new product line coming out called Anzo Express, which has a 6-month marketing and engineering plan associated with it," Gonzalez says. "I co-developed the strategy with one of our co-founders, and really enjoy working at that level." Gonzalez also spends time coding and writing for the company website, in conjunction with the new product launch. He says, "I didn't know much about SEO or website analytics before kicking off the project. It's been great to get experience in those areas."

In A Day's Work:
Gonzalez's day spans a range of activities. "Yesterday I wrote a 2,000 word article for the European Biopharmaceutical Review," Gonzalez says, "then I worked on our website for a couple hours." After that, he negotiated terms on a conference sponsorship and web symposium and did a strategy presentation to senior management. "I didn't give or have any demos or customer calls, which is unusual, but no day is the same!"

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
"Last year, we tried, Inc. for our CRM system, but it didn't flow into a sales rep's normal habits. So I proposed a project called ‘Dog Food' using our own Anzo business software to basically build a mini ERP system in a weekend. Our reps now use our software on a daily basis and are legitimately excited about it. Demonstrating Dog Food has become my favorite sales tactic on an early call."

View From The Desk:
"Most days I'm in the office, either at my desk or on this ridiculously comfortable lounge chair that a co-worker's wife forced out of the house. Once in a while I'll work at my favorite local coffee shop. On nice days I'll stay at home and work on my back deck."

Outside Interest:
"Making cocktails. I recently went head-to-head with a buddy of mine in Cocktailoff 2011: Three rounds of cocktails, all rye-based, 17 judges. The event was awesome, as was the ‘training.' Turns out the world of cocktails is really something that you can geek out about."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"Still econtent, but at some point I'd like to try out a consumer-oriented startup. It would be an interesting change from B2B product development, which has defined my career to date."