An Interview with Peter Sunna, Product Manager, EPiServer

Nov 09, 2012

Article ImageName With The Face: Peter Sunna

Job Title: Product Manager

Organization: EPiServer


Job Function:
Peter Sunna is a product manager at EPiServer, a provider of web content management (WCM), online social community, and ecommerce platforms. Sunna says, "I work with our content management tool that editors and marketers use each day to manage their different online channels, ranging from their websites and mobile to social."

Sunna says, "Knowing the problems our current and potential customers have is vital to designing a great product, so I do a lot of customer visits. I'm actually measured on how many customer and partner visits I do each month!" As product manager, he says, "I make sure the whole organization has a clear view of where we're going, and why."

In A Day's Work:
When not traveling, Sunna arrives at the office at 8:30 and, over coffee with the rest of the product management team, discusses IT industry news. "Yes, we're all dedicated readers of both tech and news blogs, as well as analyst reports," Sunna says. Then it's on to the daily development status meeting so he can see the latest results around usability. He may meet online with customers or in person with marketing colleagues, or he may work on a conference presentation. Sunna says, "At 6 pm I've made sure my inbox is empty and grab my bike and get home."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
"I visited a customer in Bangalore, India, and they asked me about ‘chart functionality.' Since we don't offer charts, I was a bit confused, and explained that they'd need to integrate with Excel. They gave me a strange look, but it wasn't until 20 minutes into the discussion that we realized we were talking about two different things: charts and chats. We had a big laugh, and they currently have a nice live chat on their website."

View From The Desk:
"We don't have cubicles, so I sit in an open landscape, which is good for communication. The office is located in central Stockholm, and I look out over one of the busier shopping streets."

Outside Interest:
"I love disc golf and alpine and cross country skiing, as well as racket sports. You can tell I'm from northern Sweden since I really enjoy snow."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I would probably work as a mountain guide in northern Sweden since I really appreciate being out in nature. I would also work with services that make it easier to experience and explore nature."