An Interview with Nicole Johnson, Global Head of Digital Content Marketing and Strategy, Hearsay Social

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Name With the Face: Nicole Johnson

Job Title: Global Head of Digital Content Marketing and Strategy

Organization: Hearsay Social


Job Function

As global head of digital content marketing and strategy at Hearsay Social, a San Francisco-based company that provides enterprise technology tools for global financial services, insurance, and mortgage teams, Nicole Johnson's role is to tell authentic and engaging stories around the brand and its offerings. She says, "I build the brand and engage our audiences through content, while ensuring a consistent brand experience across multiple touchpoints."

Much of what Johnson does involves defining the "voice of the company" and developing thought-leadership content. She also works with the CEO and other internal influencers to underpin content initiatives and themes meaningful to Hearsay customers and prospects.

In a Day's Work

Johnson says, "I spend half my time prioritizing, researching, collaborating, and building out a robust editorial calendar-and the other half dedicated to actual writing and deciding what channel and format is best to engage our audiences."

She firmly believes in the "everyone's a publisher" adage, so Johnson also looks for ways to leverage her colleague's insights into actionable content. "For example, our director of customer success recently delivered a presentation at SXSW. I asked if she could jot down her key takeaways, which we turned into a blog post. It underscored the value of having ‘social employees' as influencers and brand advocates and drove traffic and awareness back to our website."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"Recently, we heard from the CEO of a Fortune 100 company during a company kickoff event, where he referred to us as a partner, rather than a vendor. This type of relationship is built on trust, so it's something we're very proud of."

View From the Desk

"We're located directly across from AT&T Park-home to the San Francisco Giants-so I have an amazing view of the ballpark. Our office includes collaborative workspaces, whiteboards, comfy couches, large computer monitors, and stand-up desks. It's not uncommon to see an engineer zipping by on an electric scooter!"

Outside Interest

"I'm a busy mom of three, so my ‘free time' usually involves some kid-related activity. Otherwise, you can find me working out to the latest fitness video, perusing fashion and home decor sites, or planning mini getaways with friends and family."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I would own my own media company and lifestyle blog. I'd also be a best-selling published author-something that is (hopefully) not too far off!"