An Interview with Michael Dale, Lead Front End Architect, Kaltura, Inc.

Article ImageName With The Face: Michael Dale

Job Title: Lead Front End Architect

Organization: Kaltura, Inc.


Job Function:
As a lead front end architect at Kaltura, which provides an open source video platform for more than 150,000 websites, Michael Dale’s role boils down to making it easy for people to communicate with video online. “My focus is on platforms that support the HTML5 video standard on desktop and mobile,” Dale says. “I work to build a front end video player architecture that scales well to massive amounts of video views and supports rich online video experiences.”

Dale’s work involves collaboration with many groups across his organization, as well as on-site with customers on complex integrations and third-party integration. “Since the Kaltura platform is Open Source, I support community members using the library and give talks at conferences about HTML5, Kaltura and online video,” he says.

In A Day’s Work:
Dale’s work day often starts with reviewing new activity in the open source code repository from overnight and, as he says, “making sure it doesn’t break anything.” He then corresponds with project managers about the status of various features and change requests. At some point in the morning, there may be a call with another internal department such as sales, professional development, or support. Dale also spends time addressing questions about integration efforts by clients and community members. “Around noon the calls die down and I spend the rest of the day answering emails, laying down some code, or doing development on longer term features.”

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
“A customer once said I ‘edited that JavaScript like Harry Potter.’ It was not a very complicated piece of integration code, so I guess it looked like the feature came together quickly, with a seemingly magical solution.”

View From The Desk:
“I’m based in San Francisco but I often travel for work. When I am in the office or working from home, my view is generally locked onto my computer monitor and or any of the half dozen HTML5 devices we are supporting.”

Outside Interest:
“Snowboarding, Belgian beer, and child rearing, though not all at the same time.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?
“With a computer science and film background, I have found a good fit in online video, but I would probably be in eContent academics or eContent non-profit.
I am also interested in social media and big data applications and would be interested in returning to exploring ideas in that space.”