An Interview with Michael Boor, Technical Content Manager, Invensys, Inc.

Article ImageName With the Face: Michael Boor

Job Title: Technical Content Manager

Organization: Invensys, Inc.


Job Function
Michael Boor maintains the Wonderware Developer Network (WDN) Technical Support Website, an online knowledge center for Wonderware, a real-time operations management software solution from Invensys, Inc. Boor says, "The WDN has evolved and grown from a community-focused site into a central self-help source for the Wonderware software platform."

"My role is a combination of technical communicator, content strategist, business system analyst, videographer, usability expert, fixer-of-problems, and rock 'n' roll drummer," Boor says. His primary focus is to provide news, reports, content, design, functionality, and content strategies that support the site. And there's no end point to the project. As Boor says, "By definition, the site is never finished. It must always evolve."

In a Day's Work
As a technical content manager, Boor's typical day includes the creation, formatting, and posting of new content such as blogs, newsletters, articles, technical notes, and security bulletins, as well as day-to-day management of existing website content.

He also takes the broader view, analyzing and developing content strategies and related editorial schedules, as well as overseeing the internal processes to support them. If there's time left, "I rehearse and perform rock 'n' roll at company meetings and functions, on company time!" says Boor.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter
"One of our markets is the oil and gas industry, and I got to visit an oil field, with nothing but oil rigs as far as the eye could see. We walked into the field control to see how customers are actually using our software, only to see a guy wearing coveralls, with his muddy boots propped up in front of huge high-tech monitors-quite a juxtaposition!"

View From the Desk
"The office is near Whiting Ranch wilderness area in Orange County and I have a fantastic view of Santiago Mountain (Saddleback). When I'm at work early, I'm treated to some beautiful sunrises."

Outside Interest
"I have two teenaged children who keep me busy supporting their various activities. I love to get a long ride in on the road bike, and I play the drums. Our company supports a rock 'n' roll band consisting of my co-workers, so we're a big part of company events."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I would love to dive into UI/UX design. This is a field where technical and creative co-exist, and my current job uses many facets of UI/UX. My background in the arts (art and music) informs my outlook and work."