An Interview with Megan Brown, Social Media Strategist, iAcquire

Article ImageName With the Face: Megan Brown

Job Title: Social Media Strategist

Organization: iAcquire


Job Function

As the social media strategist at iAcquire, an agency specializing in digital marketing strategy, SEO, and social media, Megan Brown says, "If there's anything social media-related that comes up or needs to be done, I'm involved." That means working with sales and account managers to pitch to potential clients, creating and implementing social strategy, and networking with influencers on the client's behalf.

But she also handles social media engagement for iAcquire itself, doing community management for its social properties and blog, as well as content development. "I use iAcquire's social media presence as a testing ground to show clients how things can work," Brown says.

In a Day's Work

Brown says, "I've become accustomed to the fact that in this industry there are sometimes things that happen in real-time. No matter what I'm working on, things come up that require me to drop everything and work on whatever needs immediate attention." Those include pitches, social media audits, competitive analysis, scheduling posts, finding new social media influencers, and writing. But, Brown adds, "That's one of my favorite parts of my job-it's never boring!" 

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"We had a situation where someone who was not associated with the client, the company or the campaign began promoting it; he wasn't even in our industry but he loved what we were doing and helped us get the word out. When it was over I said, ‘If it wouldn't be so creepy I'd like to write you a thank you note for all you did for us!'"  

View From the Desk

"Our desks are half-cubes so we can see and interact with each other. Mine is covered in baseball memorabilia-signed cards and photos, signed balls, and pictures of the Milwaukee [Brewers]. We're just a few blocks from Times Square, so there's often something interesting to see out the window-mostly lost tourists."

Outside Interest 

"I love taking advantage of being a New Yorker: running in Central Park, going to concerts, festivals and museums, shopping in SoHo and exploring different parts of the city with friends. Baseball is my main love. I enjoy going to games, playing, and helping athletes with their online reputation management, something that started as a hobby in college." 

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I love sports, so I'd most likely be doing sports broadcasting for networks like MLBNetwork or ESPN."