An Interview with Matt Kaminski, Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics and Operations, Localytics


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Name With the Face: Matt Kaminski

Job Title: Senior Manager, ?Marketing Analytics ?and Operations

Organization: Localytics


Job Function

Working at Localytics, which provides an analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web applications, Matt Kaminski sees his role as senior manager of marketing analytics and operations as threefold. "First, I ensure we have the systems, technologies, and processes in place to measure and analyze our entire marketing funnel," he says. "I also try to make the data and insights we're gleaning from these systems accessible, so insight sharing and good decision making can happen quickly."

Finally, Kaminski acts as an in-house "analytics evangelist." He says, "I try to drive a culture of data-driven decision making to make sure we're training and educating as many people as we can about the power of data."

In a Day's Work

Kaminski switches between several critical data streams during the course of his day. "I'll take a quick peek at my Salesforce and Tableau dashboards to see how our new opportunity pipeline is looking. What about qualified leads? Which sources are ?over/under performing?" Then it's time to share insights with his leadership team or meet with the sales and marketing team to review funnel metrics and discuss areas ripe for optimization. Kaminski might build out a new homepage A/B test to increase the visitor-to-lead conversion rate. "There's usually a quick visit to Google Tag Manager at some point too," he says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"Localytics didn't have my role here before I arrived, and it was hard for them to measure the full impact of their marketing investment. I was able to build a process to help surface and quantify the influence of secondary marketing touches like events, blog posts, and retargeting strategies in about 6 weeks. I guess you can say that was a ‘wow' moment for the chief marketing officer!" 

View From the Desk

"We have an amazing office space right here in the heart of Boston, in an area called Downtown Crossing. So when my eyes wander away from my double-screen of spreadsheets, I'm staring down at one of the busiest areas in the city."

Outside Interest

"I love skiing, cycling, hiking, beach-going, or pretty much anything outside. My wife and I recently welcomed our first child, so when we're not working, we're busy making bottles, wrestling with nap schedules, and cleaning up after our amazing son."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"Running my own bicycle shop."

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