An Interview with Lyndsey Besser, Public Relations Manager, Scribd

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Name With the Face: Lyndsey Besser

Job Title: Public Relations Manager

Organization: Scribd


Job Function

At Scribd, a subscription digital library to the world's largest collection of ebooks, Lyndsey Besser works in the ranks of the original content marketers: public relations professionals. She says, "My primary role is to spread the word about Scribd. We want publishers and authors to know about the service, and we want readers to know they can have instant access to unlimited books on all their devices."

Much of Besser's time is spent working directly with the media, especially in the technology, business, and publishing spaces. "It's important to keep them up to speed on the company and share news with them as we continue to grow and evolve," Besser says.

In a Day's Work

Certain days include a great deal of planning, such as when Scribd hosts author events during which authors can connect with their readers and the community. But when a product or company announcement approaches, Besser says, "There's a lot more strategy and outreach taking place, which might mean earlier mornings to connect with press based on the East Coast."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"After launching the subscription service, we actually saw one subscriber in New Zealand spend over 50 hours in one week reading books! That gave us even more faith that we're building something great."

View From the Desk

"One of my favorite things about working here is the open, collaborative nature of the office. The space itself is open and industrial with lots of natural light, thanks to lots of large windows. And in true startup fashion, we have our fair share of toys including pool and ping pong tables, a zip line, and jam room."

Outside Interest

"I'm lucky enough to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world, San Francisco, so I try to get out and enjoy it every second I get. There's no shortage of music festivals, street fairs, and more. During the winter, Lake Tahoe isn't far and the slopes seem to turn into San Francisco's home away from home."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"The econtent industry is still relatively new to me, and I've loved getting to know the space. I'm interested in anything that's evolving and changing how we interact and engage with the world around us. But if practicality could be put aside, I'd be an international food blogger, combining my two favorite things: traveling and eating."