An Interview with Lisa Kasanicky, Content Curator, ClearVoice and iAcquire

Article ImageName With the Face: Lisa Kasanicky

Job Title: Content Curator

Organizations: ClearVoice and iAcquire


Job Function

As content curator for the digital agency iAcquire, Lisa Kasanicky's primary charge is to manage blogs for the iAcquire and ClearVoice websites. She jokes that the job comes with "a long checklist of responsibilities and a tweed newsboy cap," as she works on everything from big-picture tasks (such as creating editorial calendars and nailing down topics with contributors) to details (such as crafting SEO titles and descriptions). She also writes guest blog posts, ebooks, case studies, client content, and email blasts.

"I maybe spend more time than I should sweating over details," Kasanicky says, ?"but I feel strongly that our blogs are an extension of the quality content we produce for our clients."

In a Day's Work

One constant in Kasanicky's schedule is time set aside for reading enewsletters from partners and competitors. "I ease into my morning by reading what they're writing about and getting inspiration for our own blogs," Kasanicky explains. "I call ?it my daily green tea and speed-reading meditation."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"I'm fortunate to get to work directly with our blog contributors and got to meet up with content marketing guru Barry Feldman for a beer last summer in California. I was supposed to be interviewing him for a profile, but we got way off track when Barry-who is a rock 'n' roll savant-relayed the story of how Johnny Cash redeemed his career by playing just down the road at Folsom Prison."

View From the Desk

"Our office has a newsroom-type feel, and all I see most of the day are my two ginormous computer screens. But the peaks of Camelback Mountain are to my right outside the window. If I'm staring out at the mountains, it usually means I'm searching for a word."

Outside Interest

"I started a website about Arizona spas more than a decade ago, after my very first spa day. It's now a series of blogs about beauty and wellness. I get to help people find places that match their needs, whether it's a great manicure or haircut or a special occasion resort spa day."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"Owning and tending a goat farm. I had a pet goat when I was little and my dad was stationed in the Azores. I think it was actually the neighborhood pet goat, but I've been fascinated by them ever since."

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