An Interview with Kelly Nash, Development Manager, FishBowl Worldwide Media

Article ImageName With The Face: Kelly Nash

Job Title: Development Manager

Organization: FishBowl Worldwide Media


Job Function:
At FishBowl Worldwide Media, an independent production company that develops scripted television, unscripted television, and digital content, Kelly Nash is a manager in the unscripted television division. "I develop new television ideas on my own, and also meet with independent producers in the community who pitch me ideas," Nash says. "When I partner with a producer, we develop the format together as a 50/50 partnership." After putting together a presentation that includes a "sizzle reel" to provide a taste of the show and its characters, the team pitches it to television networks.

In A Day's Work:
Nash spends part of each day at internal preproduction meetings for pilots being pitched to the networks and talking to producers or talent for new shows. She also works on presentations for upcoming rounds of network pitches. "I try to carve out a little time each day for myself to cultivate new ideas, whether it is for a comedy format, web series, or finding a dynamic piece of talent for a docu-series," Nash says. "I look to everything for inspiration-blogs, social media, magazines, books, a new business, a new song, you name it."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
"There is never a dull moment when you're shooting a presentation for reality television. I was once overseeing a shoot in Los Angeles about a moving business. As we filmed a woman moving out of her home, her landlord came banging on the door. We witnessed a complete altercation in which she slammed the door in his face. To further add to the stress, I was interviewing one of the workers in the front yard and in the middle of his story, the next door neighbor was getting sick in her front yard. The camera man just looked
at me shrugging as if to say, ‘What should I do?' ‘Just keep rolling. ...'"

View From The Desk:
"I work in my own office but do not have a window. I'm usually doing stretches at my desk, so I'm not hunched over at the computer. I guess you would say I'm staring at my toes."

Outside Interest:
"Yoga is the only thing that keeps my head from spinning off. I live in Venice Beach [Calif.] and love spending time with friends, going to the beach, and riding my bike around. It makes me feel like a kid again."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I would be living on a beach, teaching yoga."