An Interview with Kasey McCurdy, Applications Engineer, Bunchball, Inc.

Article ImageName With The Face: Kasey McCurdy

Job Title: Applications Engineer

Organization: Bunchball, Inc.


Job Function:
As an applications engineer for Bunchball, an industry leader in the field of gamification, Kasey McCurdy develops front-end applications for the Nitro gamification platform. “I started my career primarily as a designer, and because of my unique background, I often find myself helping with design, user experience, and the overall conceptualization of different products and solutions,” McCurdy says. “I get to implement Nitro with a large variety of platforms, from to Jive Software to mobile.”

In A Day’s Work:
“I work in Bunchball’s ‘no-shore office,’ which means I work remotely from my home in Iowa,” McCurdy says. A large part of his day is spent coding, and he uses Skype and web chat frequently to connect with other co-workers working remotely. “I try to follow the Pomodoro Technique throughout the day, working on one thing at a time in 25-minute blocks, with a 5-minute break between, to keep me focused.”

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
“One of my most memorable moments was the 2-week code binge before last year’s Dreamforce event that eventually became our ‘Nitro for Salesforce’ product. Our founder called 3 weeks before the conference and basically said, ‘Hey, let’s build an app and win.’ I kissed my wife and kid and told them I was going to be a digital hermit for 3 weeks. I ended up frantically hacking and finishing things up on the flight out to San Francisco (hours before the app was to be demoed in front of everyone). We ended up winning the AppQuest ‘Best New App’ award
at Dreamforce. Back to the office a few days later, I was presented with a 1-year membership to the Bacon-of-the-Month club for my hard work.”

View From The Desk:
“I have two offices in our home, both of which have a great view of the small lake and timber our house overlooks. I also love to go work at my local coffee shop as a break from the norm.”

Outside Interest:
“My wife and 2-year-old son are my primary hobby and interest, but after they’ve gone to bed, my inner rock star comes out. I love to write, record, and produce music in my home studio and go into the wee hours of the morning with my guitar.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?
“If I could be guaranteed that my family wouldn’t starve, I’d produce music all day long.”