An Interview with Joshua Solomon, Product Manager for Integrations, Lingotek

May 05, 2017

Article ImageName With the Face: Joshua Solomon

Job Title: Product Manager for Integrations

Organization: Lingotek


Job Function

Joshua Solomon believes that Lingotek, a cloud-based translation management system, exists for the purpose of capital C: Connection. “We’re trying to create an energy that makes the consumers of our content feel seen, heard, and valued,” says Solomon, Lingotek’s product manager for integrations. “Lingotek allows people and companies to connect beyond language barriers.” In his role, Solomon looks at diverse content management and marketing automation systems—“basically, anywhere content exists” in a customer setting—and figures out how to get that content out of the system, translated, and back into the system as seamlessly as possible.

In a Day’s Work

On a typical day, Solomon meets with clients, agency partners, content platform providers, and internal Lingotek departments to gather use cases, weigh priorities, and create requirements for development. “I find ways to connect Lingotek’s advanced translation technology and network of professional translators to the people creating content across the globe,” he says. “My day-to-day really is just nerdy storytelling—I tell the story of what the users need, in the language our developers understand.”

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

“There was a content platform provider whose mutual client needed a way to get content translated. After a few weeks of define, design, and implement, we had a working prototype to connect their system to Lingotek,” Solomon says. When he showed up to demo it to the platform provider’s team, Solomon became uncomfortably aware of silence in the room and grew anxious as his presentation—and the silence—went on. “Moments later, the quiet finally broke, when one of the platform provider guys said, ‘How did you do that? Our platform doesn’t support that kind of functionality!’”

View From the Desk

“I sit in a cubicle with the product team. We’re close to the engineering team, which is nice because we can overhear conversations about what they’re working on! There’s also a break room with a ping pong table nearby, so we sometimes hear some shouting from in there. …”

Outside Interest

“I love the outdoors—including fishing, hiking, and bushcrafting, which is basically wilderness survival skills—and tinkering in general. I was also a state delegate last year; that’s tons of boring fun.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?

“I’d have a hobby farm. We already have the chickens and bees; I just need a cow, but my wife has said ‘no’ so far!”

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