An Interview with John Wunderlich, Data Protection Officer, JLINC Labs

Article ImageName With the Face: John Wunderlich

Job Title: Data Protection Officer

Organization: JLINC Labs



Job Function

In his role as data protection officer at JLINC Labs, a privacy consultant that provides internet data provenance to build data quality and trust between people and organizations, John Wunderlich works on data standards. “JLINC is an early stage startup based on the key innovation of a new protocol for automated information sharing agreements,” he explains. “My primary responsibilities include policy work and helping to define product offerings.”

Wunderlich’s job requires a deep understanding of individuals’ information being processed by the organization. As he points out, “The policy requirements for an international technology manufacturing company based in Shenzhen are radically different than the requirements for a provincial Ministry of Health in Canada.”


In a Day’s Work

Wunderlich spends time each day reading privacy and data protection news. “I keep an eye out for news about breaches, advice from regulators, as well as environmental and regulatory changes,” he says. “The environment is changing so rapidly that policies and practices need to be much more dynamic than ‘normal’ compliance activities.” Wunderlich also meets with stakeholders, researches, writes, and provides input to standards bodies.


Most Memorable Customer Encounter

“I worked with a client that produced reports for their customers. Occasionally, a paper report would be delivered to the wrong client, and they would retrieve the report, repackage it, and deliver it to the correct client.

“When I pointed out that they needed to tell the client that their report had been misdelivered, their customer service people pushed back. But when they began informing clients, they found that most customers were appreciative of the notice and that they often knew, having been contacted by the entity to whom the report had been misdelivered. I learned that transparency and openness on privacy issues tends to build trust and improve customer relations.”


View From the Desk

“When not at a client site, I work out of my home office near downtown Toronto. My house backs onto a city park, so I can see a hockey rink and an outdoor rink, reminding me that real life is not always digital.”


Outside Interest

“I’m on the board of a local theatre company and do some volunteer work with local community groups.”


If Not Econtent, Then What?

“I would make things. I was trained as a machinist and have worked in industry. There is something very satisfying in making physical objects that people use.”

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