An Interview with Jeff Campagna, Creative Director, Compass Cultura

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Name With the Face: Jeff Campagna

Job Title: Creative Director

Organization: Compass Cultura


Job Function

As the founder and creative director of the independent, alternative online travel publication Compass Cultura, the range of Jeff Campagna's role is necessarily broad. "I guide the creative scope and editorial vision of the publication and also manage the nitty-gritty, day-to-day stuff that most executives rarely deal with," Campagna says. He runs the company's social media presence as well as handles most design and development. "But perhaps my most important duty is participating in the editorial workflow. We only publish three articles per month, so we take this very, very seriously."

In a Day's Work

"Working with freelance journalists and photojournalists all over the world means we rarely stick to standard business hours or even one particular time zone," Campagna says. In the morning, Campagna reads emails that came in overnight from freelancers, and then he dedicates at least an hour to social media. Before lunch, Campagna holds an editorial meeting to discuss new pitches and pieces that are on commission, while the afternoon is spent editing articles and doing layout for upcoming issues.

"And some days are thrown totally out the window," Campagna says, "like when tweeted one of our articles and the traffic surge crashed our server. I had to spend hours recalibrating our cloud settings, upgrading hosting, and getting Compass Cultura back online."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"I was invited by The Guardian to speak at their Future of Magazine Publishing conference in London late last year. The other speakers at the event were mainstays in the British publishing world. At the beginning of my talk, I asked, ‘Who here has already heard about my publication?' I was shocked at how many hands went up. It's rare for a digitally native publisher to mingle with readers, and I felt very humbled."

View From the Desk

"Some good Argentine friends are letting us use their apartment in Buenos Aires as a temporary workspace. When I look up, I see their enviable floor-to-ceiling bookshelf filled with plenty of books to inspire me."

Outside Interest

"As is the case with many passionate entrepreneurs, the line between work and leisure can be blurred. Travel is probably the most important thing I do outside of work. In fact, I'm semi-nomadic. I'm also a motorcycle enthusiast and music lover."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I have always had this dream of building custom motorcycles in a wooden shed somewhere in the wilderness."