An Interview with Jason Harris, Director of Customer Success, Wochit

Article Image class="p1">Name With the Face: Jason Harris 

Job Title: Director of Customer Success

Organization: Wochit



Job Function

As director of customer success for Wochit, a cloud-based video creation platform, Jason Harris leads a team that oversees all product-related activities for video creators of the company’s publisher, brand, and agency partners. Besides working directly with clients via phone, videoconferencing, in-app messaging, and email, Harris assigns accounts to team members based on their specialized experience with verticals, brands, regions, or corporate organizations.

“We are experts when it comes to our platform. Our experience with thousands of users allows us to bring feature requests and advancements to the product and R&D teams, to create initiatives and solutions to grow Wochit even further,” says Harris.


In a Day’s Work

Harris starts the day by analyzing production trends within each customer organization, looking at individual brands and user behaviors over time. “I’ll sync with my team members in a group setting, or one-on-one, to address strategic goals and their challenges and spend time with sales team members to work on new business pitches and check in on trial users,” he says. The rest of the day is filled with customer on-site training, production reviews, and feedback sessions with users.


Most Memorable Customer Encounter

“When a client uses the Wochit platform to create videos steps from the White House, or project onto the Times Square Jumbotron screen, or from a major studio production lot, I get that ‘almost famous’ feeling. I’ll certainly never forget entering a client’s studio and seeing Triumph the Insult Comic Dog being interviewed.”


View From the Desk

“Sitting at my desk is a rare occasion. I have a birthday card signed by my team, gadgets, and gifts from our clients, and a view of the common area of our office with our own ‘studio’ where I host our Facebook Live segments—and we invite clients and other guests over for workshops, demos, and chats. We also have potted succulents and inspirational reading strewn about.”


Outside Interest

“I’m usually dreaming up songs to write and record, and I love to run. I eat my vegetables, but have a taste for decadent cuisine—same goes for good rye whiskey, delicious wine, and cold India pale ale. I’ll surf when it’s not completely freezing.”


If Not Econtent, Then What

“I would dive into something truly game-changing for human rights, equality, climate change, and access to nutrition, resources, and education for our neediest sisters and brothers.”

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