An Interview with James Stout, Senior Manager, Technology and Developer Evangelist, Episerver

Article ImageName With the Face: James Stout

Job Title: Senior Manager, ?Technology and ?Developer Evangelist

Organization: Episerver


Job Function

James Stout, senior manager, technology and developer evangelist for Episerver, a global software provider for ecommerce, CMS, and digital marketing solutions, says, "I describe my role as that of a digital renaissance man." He works with both product management and product marketing at Episerver as an ambassador and trusted advisor to partners and customers, while simultaneously serving as their internal advocate.

"I also work with our sales team to develop messaging and strategies so Episerver can more effectively convey the value of our platform to prospective customers," Stout says. He's quick to add that it's not a "shadow" sales role. "It's my job to advocate our platform with transparency. Ultimately, our value is derived from our customers' success."

In a Day's Work

Stout says, "I live a life of random interruptions. Because I'm seen as a go-to ?person for so many different things-marketing content, customer perspective, problem-solving, etc.-I never know what's going to hit my inbox next." He may be asked to lend a hand in training activities, run a competitive evaluation, or come ?up with a presentation for the next conference sponsored by Episerver.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"The most memorable are those where my reputation preceded me. I'll introduce myself and get, ‘Hey! Aren't you eGandalf?' which is my online handle. I gave one person a business card, and he literally ran from the room shouting, ‘I got eGandalf's business card!' down the hallway."

View From the Desk

"I work from my home in Eastern Kentucky in the Ohio River Valley. So when I look ?up from my dual monitors on my standing desk, I get to see some farmland behind my house, rolling, forested hills to one side, and the river on the other."

Outside Interest

"My main interest is my 4-year-old son. Having a career that allows me to be an active, attentive, and involved father is absolutely critical. I also get into photography and cooking in a big way."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"The whole point of what we do is to be ‘magic' in the sense of the memorable Arthur C. Clarke quote, ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' If I were to jump into another industry, it would have to be at the crossroads where technology meets the public, because that's where everything hits a new level of excitement." 

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