An Interview with Frank Taylor, Senior Front-End Developer, Tahzoo

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Name With the Face: Frank Taylor

Job Title: Senior Front-End Developer

Organization: Tahzoo


Job Function

Frank Taylor works as a senior front-end developer at Tahzoo, a customer experience agency offering research and content strategy solutions to Fortune 500 companies. In his role, Taylor says, "I work with both internal and external customers to provide front-end architectural guidance on SDL Tridion."

Taylor is the go-to guy for keeping partners and internal Tahzoo staff abreast of upcoming developments in web browser technology, leveraging his passion for research and experimentation. "I love learning about the newest and latest technology," he says. Success is a customer website that functions well in every browser and a clear understanding of what Tahzoo must do to keep it that way.

In a Day's Work

Taylor jokes, "All days are typical for me; I make a thing that someone wants to use!" The means of accomplishing that may vary, though. "On one day, I might work on a front-end framework that is meant to be malleable enough to fit into any content management system," he says. Other days may find him prepping training documents for a CMS or writing plug-ins to improve how content is displayed for a website user.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"A customer once needed to localize a website from English into Spanish. I was a developer tasked with writing the code for localizing the website. But in this implementation, code and content were intermixed. The customer had no idea I'd previously been a Spanish interpreter, but they appreciated the fact that their developer was able to code and translate at the same time."

View From the Desk

"I work from home in a small Midwest city. When I take a break from my computer, I can admire the birds outside my window, the trees in my yard, or the fact that the mailman always delivers between 11:45 and 11:55, regardless of the weather."

Outside Interest

"From Spanish as a child; Russian as a preteen; German, Italian, and French as a teenager; Hebrew and Chinese in college; and then Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi as an adult-I've always been interested in languages, translation, and computational linguistics. I begin studying a new language every 2 years, and my proficiency ranges from fluent to ‘really good tourist.'"

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"Analog content. I'd go back to being an interpreter-translating between Spanish, French, and English."

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