An Interview with Ernie Smith, Social Media Journalist, TMG

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Ernie Smith

Job Title:
Social Media Journalist



Job Function
Ernie Smith, social media journalist with TMG, a content marketing firm, focuses on writing and running, the online presence for ASAE's (American Society of Association Executives) Associations Now. Smith says, "I work directly with ASAE staff in shaping the tone and the style of the content, which is largely curated with daily blog posts and a strong focus on visuals. I design my own infographics and illustrations, I help post to social media, I played a key role in designing the look of the newsletter which we publish Monday through Friday-and a key role in writing it, too."

In a Day's Work
During launch, Smith says he was writing as many as five curated articles a day. He adds, "That was on top of running the social media presence of the site and making sure the website was working properly."
Each day, Smith seeks outside content interesting to the wider world as well as to association professionals, and he helps with the social media presence. "The goal is to build a news source unique in the association world," he says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter
"I attended the 2012 ASAE Technology Conference & Expo, and live-tweeted my conference sessions using pop-culture references, quick jokes, contextual links, and posing broader questions. After sessions, people came to me and asked questions, based on my tweets! I knew I was in the right industry."

View From the Desk
"I'm the kind of guy who will hole up in a coffee shop for six hours and write a bunch of emails and a blog post. To me, my ‘office' is wherever I find myself at a given moment."

Outside Interest
"I came to TMG through my interest in blogging and social media, and remain an active blogger. My site, ShortFormBlog, focuses on telling stories with numbers, blurbs and other short writing tools. TMG embraced ShortFormBlog as an important facet of what I bring to my work. That's a piece of advice I'd give any employer: Give your employees the room to work on outside projects, and the main one will thrive."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I love journalism, and being able to cover breaking news. I have a long-term dream of running a blog network; TMG provides great training in this regard, because it teaches a degree of entrepreneurship and ownership you would never get from a newspaper."