An Interview with Elliot Sedegah, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

Article ImageName With the Face: Elliot Sedegah

Job Title: Senior Product Marketing Manager

Organization: Adobe


Job Function

As a senior product marketing manager for Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Adobe's digital asset management (DAM) and rich media solution, Elliot Sedegah is in charge of worldwide product marketing. He says, "Long story short, I have two responsibilities: to anticipate marketing requirements and solutions and to develop and execute on go-to-market plans."

Sedegah also speaks at industry conferences and meets with customers and partners regularly to better understand market trends and use cases. "We've moved away from the days of selling software to the customer and walking away," he says. "Now, it's a continuous conversation."

In a Day's Work

Sedegah spends about a quarter of his time on the road, domestically and internationally, speaking with customers across a wide variety of industries about the latest innovations in Adobe Marketing Cloud. When he is home, Sedegah splits his time between a home office and Adobe's local office. "Our team is spread out globally, so during the day, we have to be proactive to meet by phone and using screen sharing. I think it forces people to communicate more effectively," Sedegah says. Those meetings may be to talk about new customers or new releases, to educate the sales team on new features, or to brainstorm about a marketing campaign.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"We met with a customer who just wanted to use our solution for basic storage, but we gave them an overview of how it can also be used as a production and workflow tool. We shared some how-to documentation, and the next thing I know, this customer had adopted it and is showing me how they use it to manage new content production. It taught me a lesson about how quickly customers can adopt our technology."

View From the Desk

"My view changes often, from the picture of my family sitting on my windowsill to the window adjacent to my seat on a plane."

Outside Interest

"I'm an engineer at heart and develop mobile apps on the side for the iPhone/iOS. I'm also an athlete; I play men's baseball-real hardball. I haven't retired to a beer league just yet."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I'm passionate about education. I'm from Ghana and started a nonprofit (abfound
.org) to use educational technology as a vehicle to help solve the root problems of poverty in the remote villages of Ghana. I'd probably be working on that full time."