An Interview with Davina Baum, Director of Digital Content, AFAR

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Name With the Face: Davina Baum

Job Title: Director of Digital Content

Organization: AFAR


Job Function

Davina Baum is the director of digital content for AFAR, a multiplatform travel media brand designed to make experiential travel easier. Baum, who oversees content strategy, says, "I spend a fair amount of time thinking about how to get our content out to the most people, how to bring new people to us, and how to make sure that reading is the most satisfying experience to readers, whether on browser or mobile."

She's working to grow AFAR's network of local experts to curate destination pages for their home cities, with a goal of a hundred new pages by year's end. "We're reimagining what a travel guide looks like and how it acts online," she says. Baum manages a team of people who deal with social media, email, community, and partnerships. "For AFAR," she says, "curation is paramount."

In a Day's Work

Baum spends a big part of her day in meetings. "It's fun to brainstorm about things like kooky Wanderlists that might get some good social traction this week, how to package our content to make the biggest impact in an email, or how to put together a contest to stoke content creation and lead generation." She also tries to keep up on social media and industry developments in content strategy. "I think about how we can present our content for brand partners, who come to us because of our strengths in experiential travel and community," Baum says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"Recent minor thrills include both Morgan Fairchild and Brian Boitano tweeting our content."

View From the Desk

"I have a standing desk, which I can't live without. I'm happy to have a window side spot. I look down from the sixth floor at two great Italian restaurants in San Francisco's Financial District. Of course, I'm usually looking down at them while
I'm eating salad at my desk."

Outside Interest

"I used to be managing editor at, so food is a passion. My husband is an incredible cook, and a good evening after work means having friends over for dinner. I read a lot, but it's an internal struggle about whether to keep up with the The New Yorker or ditch it for a novel."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I'd consider going back to print. Or I'd be doing something that encourages the local community to gather around good, sustainable food practices."