An Interview with Dara Pressley, Senior Experience Architect, Siteworx, Inc.

Article ImageName With The Face: Dara Pressley

Job Title: Senior Experience Architect

Organization: Siteworx, Inc.


Job Function:

As a senior experience architect for Siteworx, Inc., an interactive agency with a focus on agile design, web content management, and systems integration, Dara Pressley says, "I put together the structure, or bones, of a website." She's responsible for user research, information architecture, competitor analysis, and interactive designs, and she also works with a team to produce the work.

"I try to get from a company what they want in terms of their site and how to make that a good user experience for their customers," Pressley says. That requires collaboration with Siteworx's visual team, the development team, project managers, content strategist, and business analysts to create web strategy reports, site maps, and wireframes.

In A Day's Work:

"We work collaboratively at Siteworx, which can translate to a lot of meetings, but this also ensures we aren't working in silos," Pressley says. Outside of meetings, her day is spent communicating with her team about its work on the project and sometimes doing design herself. Pressley says, "I communicate my vision for a site to my team and let them figure out ways to make it possible."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:

"One of my favorite projects was rebuilding the site of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. For lack of a better description, they were very surgical
in their decision making. As is the case in their profession, they have a strong leadership hierarchy, and once a decision is made, that is the final word. They needed a site that reflected their profession: beautiful, sleek, and smart. We often joked we were giving their website a facelift."

View From The Desk:

"I have been watching construction crews build the new Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) station for the Silver Line that will be extending past Dulles International Airport since 2009, and it has been really interesting to see them build this Metro station from the ground up!"

Outside Interest:

"I mainly spend time with my husband and two kids outside work. We are
self-proclaimed Sims 3 addicts. On top of that, I'm a HUGE sci-fi fan. Reading it, watching it, I love it all. I even went to a Star Trek convention once."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I started my career in writing and published some short stories and some poetry. If I didn't have to worry about financial duties, I would probably follow that path again."