An Interview with Charles Kelly, Lead Virtual Reality Engineer, Littlstar

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Name With the Face: Charles Kelly

Job Title: Lead Virtual Reality Engineer

Organization: Littlstar


Job Function

As lead virtual reality (VR) engineer of Littlstar, a global network dedicated to immersive 360-video and photos, Charles Kelly is responsible for the development of all VR applications across the various makes and models of VR headsets. "My job is to make sure the Littlstar video applications can be viewed and used on multiple technologies and VR platforms," Kelly says. "There are several different headsets currently out in the marketplace to view these VR, 360-videos, and we want to be accessible and at the forefront of all of them."

The challenge is that while the company wants the Littlstar application to be consistent across all headsets, it also wants to take advantage of the unique features of each headset while doing so.

In a Day's Work

In the eight-person company, Kelly says he and his colleagues wear several different hats and jump from task to task daily. He says, "If I give a broad description of my typical day, it's that I work on our array of VR applications; it's end-to-end work, from design through development and QA." Kelly says that working with a developer based out of Russia keeps things interesting. "We just finished the latest round of funding, so I'm looking forward to the day that we can bring him to the States and hire even more VR talent."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"Still to come, I hope! We recently secured an exclusive deal to livestream [DJ and music producer] Hardwell's performance in VR at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. We'll be the first to livestream an EDM [Electronic Dance Music] concert."

View From the Desk

"Littlstar is currently based out of a co-working space in NYC's Financial District in a collaborative and open environment. We have windows to both the workspaces adjacent to us and also a nice view overlooking Battery Park and the water to the south."

Outside Interest

"One of my biggest interests is video games, whether creating or playing them during my (limited) spare time. I co-run a gaming studio with old co-workers of mine and try to be as involved as possible in the NYC indie development scene."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I would probably be exploring opportunities as a full-time independent game developer. Games are the reason that I went into engineering during college."



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