An Interview with Cameron Caswell, Senior Manager of Content and Brand, Synopsys

Article ImageName With the Face: Cameron Caswell

Job Title: Senior Manager of Content and Brand

Organization: Synopsys



Job Function

In her role as senior manager of content and brand at Synopsys, a leader in software security and quality solutions, Cameron Caswell oversees a team of writers, editors, designers, and data analysts to create both online and offline content marketing assets. “The goal of our content is to build thought leadership and relational currency, grow both organic and paid traffic, and, ultimately, turn our readers into qualified sales leads,” Caswell explains. That content may appear in Synopsys’ blog, social media, ad banners, ebooks, and white papers, as well as on sales enablement collateral (such as datasheets and product videos).


In a Day’s Work

“Email. Coffee. Prioritize my day (or, at least, try to). Meeting. Review content. Meeting. Meeting. Email. Lunch at desk. Walk around the lake. Email. Meeting. Meeting. Review content. Last few emails. Rush out the door.”


Most Memorable Customer Encounter

“I once worked creating content for an online series about employment in America. I reached out to actor John Ratzenberger, an outspoken advocate for trade careers. He agreed to shoot a video about the subject. Online video was still in its infancy and completely new to me. Yet within a few days, I found myself behind a camera, with Mr. Ratzenberger, a seasoned professional, waiting for direction from me. I was terrified. He was extremely patient as I fumbled around for a bit, and we finally hit our stride. It taught me an important lesson: Don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from trying something new.”


View From the Desk

“I share an office with one of my colleagues, and every time we are asked if we want our own offices, we turn the offer down. We like having someone right there to collaborate, banter, and commiserate with. There is a huge pine tree pressing up against my window here on the fourth floor, so it sometimes feels like I’m in the tree rather than looking out at it.”


Outside Interest

“I’m a single mom, so life outside work revolves mainly around my daughter. I’m also a mentor to middle and high school girls in my community and take a tap dance class to relive my younger days!”


If Not Econtent, Then What?

“My side passion is helping to improve the relationships between parents and their teens. I’ve led seminars and written a book on the topic, so it would be a dream career.”

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