An Interview with Andrew Sumitani, Manager of Business Operations, BuddyTV

Article ImageName With the Face: Andrew Sumitani

Job Title: Manager of Business Operations

Organization: BuddyTV


Job Function

BuddyTV provides viewers with engaging, interactive guides for personalized television viewing. The company's manager of business operations, Andrew Sumitani, says his role requires more than just a revenue focus. "I manage many aspects of our web property, so I make feature requests of our development team and help them prioritize which to tackle first. Then, when those requests are completed, I hand off marketing to our social media team," he says.

"We like to make sure that we're always pushing out entertaining, unique TV content that users will enjoy," Sumitani says. "The editing team and I keep a pulse on the entertainment sphere, checking news sites, Twitter, Facebook, and other tools for what's trending and new so we can hand out writing assignments."

In a Day's Work

Sumitani says that being part of a small team calls for versatility. "I could be head-down providing voiceover for a TV commercial for BuddyTV Guide one day, then giving a presentation to our executive team on finances the next day." Regardless of the day's demands, it always involves a check-in with BuddyTV's editorial team, key advertising operations contacts, and the development team regarding active projects.

Most Memorable Work Experience

"After visiting a partner in San Francisco with whom we had a big yearly contract, I shared an airport hotel room with the two co-founders of BuddyTV. The hotel told us that they couldn't add another bed for the room we booked for three people. They refused to add even a cot. I can't remember exactly how we came to the sleeping arrangement, but it did involve me sleeping on a bare box spring until our early flight."

View From the Desk

"I use a standing workstation in our open office environment in which everyone is situated in a rough ring shape facing out. I'm in front of a blank blue wall. They say blue is very soothing, don't they?"

Outside Interest

"Violin performance-I've been playing since I was 6. I'm also an avid home cook, espresso geek, and survival skills enthusiast."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I find startups exciting and fulfilling, so I'm sure I would be on a small team in the technology industry. Outside of the box, if this whole internet thing doesn't work out for the world, I think my idea for an artisanal Popsicle shop would be a big hit."