An Interview with Amanda Maksymiw, Content Marketing Manager, Lattice

Jul 11, 2014

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Name With the Face: Amanda Maksymiw

Job Title: Content Marketing Manager

Organization: Lattice


Job Function

At Lattice, which offers predictive application solutions for marketing and sales professionals to uncover buyer insights, Amanda Maksymiw creates content to educate and engage customers. Maksymiw says, "To help build our thought-leadership role and provide compelling content, I create blog posts, videos, infographics, and longer form ebooks and white papers." To generate ideas for those content assets, Maksymiw collaborates with many departments within Lattice and with outside influencers in the field of sales and marketing.

In a Day's Work

Maksymiw's typical day starts with reading and research. "I'll poke around on social media and the web to uncover conversations about data-driven marketing and sales and predictive analytics, in addition to looking for inspiration for content outside of the B2B tech space," she says. Then she begins editing, reviewing, and creating new content. "I maintain an ongoing relationship with industry influencers, so I try to share interesting content with them on a monthly basis," Maksymiw says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"Starting last October, we kicked off a quirky campaign to celebrate marketing nerds as part of a larger product launch, and it included blogs, social media posts, a video, infographic, and a cartoon. We had a blast internally coming up with reasons why we were marketing nerds (think, ‘I optimize calls to action in emails to friends' or ‘I check Twitter and Google Analytics before eating breakfast') and were floored at the response. One customer and marketing nerd uses our cartoon as her Twitter profile background!"

View From the Desk

"I get to peer out of a window overlooking a busy street in downtown Boston. I can hear a street performer or the occasional altercation between drivers, and, sometimes, I feel as though I am in a snow globe."

Outside Interest

"I love music and wish I could play an instrument or sing. I probably go to three or four concerts a month, covering all styles of music. I like to be outside and run, as it provides an opportunity to relax in a way. I also like to push myself and try new things-whether it involves taking an improv class or jumping out of a plane."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I like to travel and would love to see more of the world, so maybe something in the travel industry. Or I'd own a restaurant or bar somewhere tropical."