Amy Buckland, Coordinator, eScholarship McGill, McGill University Library

Name With The Face:
Amy Buckland

Job Title:
Coordinator, eScholarship@McGill

McGill University Library


Job Function:
Amy Buckland, self-described librarianator, is responsible for eScholarship@McGill, the university's digital repository, which stores and showcases the publications and theses of McGill University faculty and students; she is also responsible for supporting the principles of the scholarly open access movement. She says, "I'm busy marketing eScholarship@McGill to make sure that all librarians and faculty know that we are eager to deposit their work, with the ultimate goal of being a showcase for McGill University's scholarly output."

Buckland also participates in various epublishing endeavors such as the McGill Journal of Education, as well as the library's digitization initiatives. Because her work spans the divide between print and digital publications, Buckland says, "I liaise with both Rare Books and Special Collections librarians, and those that work in Library Technology Services."

In A Day's Work:
Much of Buckland's work revolves around communicating with faculty members and librarians. She says, "I spend most of my day working with faculty to help them both showcase and develop their research and to make that research and the unique collections at the library available to world."

Buckland also spends time each day checking in on various blogs to see what's new in the fields of scholarly communication and data management, looking for new ways the library can help support research at McGill. "And just like any librarian gig-my day involves numerous meetings and terabytes of emails!"

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
"Crossing campus one day on my way home, a group of students approached me out of the blue to ask me for help with an assignment. It turns out they recognized me from our recently redesigned website, which now includes photos of the librarians."

View From The Desk:
"I have a great view onto the centre of the McGill University campus as the back wall of my office is essentially one big window. I can watch the leaves change color and record the piles (and piles) of snow we get thanks to Montreal winters."

Outside Interest:
"I've played rugby for about 17 years now and am going to take up roller derby this winter. I also enjoy tinkering with new technologies-I'm currently learning Drupal-and have started to get more involved in Geek Girl events in Montreal."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"Before becoming a librarian I was in the newspaper business. I'm the third generation of my family to have worked in newspapers-people used to joke that I have ink in my veins!"