Adam Copeland, Streaming Media Systems Engineer, Mirror Image Internet

Article ImageJob Function:

Starting off in the network operations center and working his way up into his current role of streaming media systems engineer, Adam Copeland’s primary responsibilities are new services deployment and network build-out of Mirror Image Internet’s entire streaming media infrastructure. "Customers upload and distribute live video and video on demand for a worldwide audience," Copeland says. "I’ve worked with The New York Times and other big accounts to do sales engineering work to make certain that they can trust our network."

Copeland interfaces with the Mirror Image network operations group, which manages and monitors the network on a 24-hour basis. "So when there is an issue that needs escalation, that will go to me," he says. "But I don’t get woken up in the middle of the night these days because the network and the architecture are stable."

In A Day’s Work:

Copeland always keeps an eye on the network to make certain that the groups that rely on him, and Mirror Image’s networks, are satisfied. "I manage the entire streaming media network, everything from picking hardware, deploying hardware, and testing," he says. Copeland also works with the client services and support groups as well as the sales teams to assist current customers and bring new ones in. "I spend a lot of time on my feet meeting with different groups," he says. "I’m often in the lab running diagnostics and running load tests and other tasks that help us to pick the right hardware." Copeland says that one of his projects is a new type of proxy network that allows the company to expand its architecture at minimal costs. "We see a key as passing off the cost savings to our customers," he says.

Oddest Member Encounter:

"Mirror Image has done lot of work for the entertainment and news industries. But I was flabbergasted when a company out of Texas began streaming live funerals."

View From The Desk:

"I’m in a cube and I’ve got multiple monitors on my desk. I face a grassy meadow and a parking lot."

Outside Interest:

"I’m a new homeowner so my newest hobby is doing maintenance projects around my home."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I’d be an entrepreneur doing something with video."