Eye On with Kevin Akeroyd, Global CEO of Cision Media

Jun 09, 2017

Article ImageIn his role as Global CEO of Cision, a global media intelligence and communications solution provider, Kevin Akeroyd’s vision is to provide integrated, data-driven solutions for professionals who work with earned media – the PR, IR, marketing, and social media teams whose job it is to target journalists and other influencers, in pursuit of positive coverage for their organizations. So it makes sense that he’s tracking companies who are making it easier to understand who is doing what online.

“I’m watching companies that offer identity management and identity resolution,” says Akeroyd, naming Oracle’s Datalogix, Salesforce’s Krux, Adobe’s Demdex, and Acxiom among others. Akeroyd says, “The average customer has 18 different digital identities, so companies that are putting that information into data management platforms (DMPs) and figuring out who the customer is and what the customer is doing are the glue for letting us offer data-driven solutions.”

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When Kevin Akeroyd took on the role of global CEO of Cision, a global media intelligence and communications solution provider, back in August 2016, he made one major assumption. Coming from a long career providing service solutions for CMOs, Akeroyd believed the integrated, data-centric solutions that marketing teams leverage for paid and owned media (i.e., advertising) would be just as critical for those whose job is to generate earned media, in the form of coverage by journalists and other influencers.
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