Eye On with Jordan Edelson, CEO of Appetizer Mobile

Apr 14, 2017

Article ImageJordan Edelson’s company, Appetizer Mobile, has created mobile apps for clients ranging from Lady Gaga to the NBA to educational company Montessorium. CEO and founder Edelson sees augmented reality [AR] and virtual reality [VR] as significant opportunities for Appetizer, and the list of companies he’s keeping a close eye on in the eContent industry reflect that belief.

“Metaio was an augmented reality [AR] company that got acquired by Apple last year; they embedded chips in phones that would allow mobile phones to run AR, which is really powerful. Meta is a company that produces an AR headset; they have a unique technology that allows you to interact with holograms. There are a bunch of companies, like Highfive, creating virtual chatrooms that are interesting, too. And of course we’re watching industry leaders like Facebook, Apple, Samsung, and Google to see what they’re doing in the AR and VR space.”

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