Eye On with Jack Welde, Co-founder and CEO, Smartling

Sep 07, 2018

Article ImageAs co-founder and CEO of Smartling, which provides tools for businesses to localize content, Jack Welde is familiar with the perils of “sprawl” – building tools that offer customers a great deal of functionality but risk becoming too complex to master. It’s why he’s a fan of Contentful, which provides content infrastructure that enables teams to power content in digital products.

“They’re building an API-driven, cloud-based content management system that’s easy to deploy. They’re making sure the sprawl doesn’t happen by keeping it to a tight set of APIs,” Welde says. While the Contentful UI may seem bare bones, says Welde, “Developers love the platform because they can build tools on top of it.” That means Contentful can facilitate the sort of customization that is also at the heart of Smartling’s value proposition for customers of its content localization solutions.

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