Eye On With Jennifer Ehidiamen and Oluwabusayo Sotunde, Co-founders of RuralReporters.com

Jun 01, 2018

Article ImageFor Jennifer Ehidiamen and Oluwabusayo Sotunde, co-founders of RuralReporters.com, an online news platform with in-depth coverage of underreported issues in rural communities in Nigeria and across Africa, the companies they follow closely lead the way in community engagement and storytelling.

“Facebook has evolved from a social network to being a media company, and they have a great product that reaches the needs of so many different kinds of users,” says Ehidiamen. “We’d like to use the Facebook model to build communities of different types of readers on RuralReporters.com.”

Says Sotunde, “I admire AJ+’s short video clips and how they engage their followers in a simple, yet engaging way. Their use of multimedia channels delivers cogent messages while holding reader’s attention.”

She adds, “The ability to grab viewers’ attention while offering them what they need to know will define the delivery of content in the future.”

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Jennifer Ehidiamen and Oluwabusayo Sotunde co-founded Rural Reporters. Ehidiamen is the publisher, and Sotunde is managing editor. While working for a Nigerian newspaper in 2007, Ehidiamen noticed how most readers were consuming content from mobile devices. "I began cross-posting my column to a blog, and it expanded my interest in content management," she says, launching her career in digital publishing.
As co-founder and CEO of Smartling, which provides tools for businesses to localize content, Jack Welde is familiar with the perils of "sprawl" - building tools that offer customers a great deal of functionality but risk becoming too complex to master.