Vamosa's Collaborative Approach to Content Analysis

Aug 04, 2010

It's been a while since we have heard from Vamosa here at EContent. Last news we got from them was about Content Migrator 3 back in December 2009. So while I'm an advocate of companies communicating directly with their customers (as our contributing editor David Scott promotes with his "brand journalism" idea), I think that we're still in transition and until companies really master this idea, they may want to give their friendly neighborhood media outlets the heads up when they, oh, make significant shifts in product direction.

Vamosa's outside PR rep reached out to me today about reviewing the company's new collaborative content analysis tool and, well, I found myself saying "what new tool?" All that aside, the company recently introduced WebWorxx (14 day free trial here), a collaborative tool that allows the person responsible for web content compliance to generate work packages and delegate the content owners to resolve any issues found.  The company has a history of content analysis tools, though again... haven't heard about them for a while.  Curious to hear what our readers think of the direction Vamosa is taking as well as thoughts on the product too.