Overheard: Demand Media IPO

Aug 10, 2010

Been reading up on low-cost content producer (aka "content farm") Demand Media's IPO and thought it might be useful for our readers to pull together some of the most interesting interpretations I've read so far:

Daily Finance:

This is not a bad IPO, but it's also not as promising as the company would like you to think.

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Giga Om:

Demand Media is getting its house in order for what could be one of the biggest initial public offerings (IPOs) by a web company this year (assuming Facebook doesn't surprise everyone and go public).

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It turns out that Demand Media is not yet a very profitable business.

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...making it big in the online content business was still slow going.


Search Engine Land:

...we've never had a company that I've known of go public with a business model that's so dependent on gaining traffic from search, in particular from Google.

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