ABIE Finds the Most Influential Female Blogs

Aug 05, 2010

Article ImageOn the eve of the BlogHer Conference August 6-7, 2010, Access says the "traditional mommy blogger" is a thing of the past:

"Today's top 'mommy' bloggers are moving beyond the talk of diapers and baby photos that first defined them. This diversification has given rise to a group of bloggers that has grown both in stature and in influence as they cover all topics from travel to technology."

Access Blog Influence Engine, a web-based application that can help provide a view of influence on the web, ranked Jezebel.com as the top women's blog. Interestingly, Access also said that in the realm of women on the web citizen bloggers seem to have the most influence. Blogs including The Pioneer Woman, Shakesville, Momlogic and Deal Seeking Mom resulted in scores that rivaled or equaled those from more established news outlets.