Q&A: Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor

Oct 24, 2014

Article ImageJay Izso, a psychological business consultant known as the Internet Doctor, has a new book on the way called Got Social Mediology? Using Psychology to Master Social Media Without Spending a Dime. Izso says that rather than engaging in paid-for, broadcast-style advertising, companies must understand the importance of understanding the psychology of the user, respecting the cultural nuances of each social media platform, and focusing on creating authentic relationships. EContent interviewed Izso about his approach to social media marketing.

Q: Can you start by explaining what "social mediology" is?

A: Social Mediology is the study of social media from the psychological perspective of the individual user of the different platforms, and the social, psychological and cultural perspectives of the different social media platforms. 

Social Mediology is concerned with helping individuals, businesses, and educators practically apply psychological principles when using these platforms to help them improve their business and personal lives.

Q: How does it differ from other approaches to social media success?

A: Unlike the traditional marketing approaches regularly espoused, social mediology focuses on how to improve one's business without spending one marketing dollar.

This is done by giving people the psychological and cultural knowledge, and tools that can help them interact in such a way that creates authentic relationships that lead to real business improvement.

Q: What do you see as some of the drawbacks of more traditional approaches to social media marketing?

A: First and foremost, it violates the cultures of "social" media. Keeping in mind that these platforms are first "social," let us consider that when we are being social as people we do not want to be interrupted with a marketing message.

Second, these platforms are unique and successful because of the conversations that occur within these environments. In essence, these are two-conversational mediums. It cannot be expected that a one-way broadcasting marketing message will have limited success in these two-way environments. These platforms are unique because, unlike TV, radio, or print advertising, which is broadcasted at us without interaction, these platforms are created and succeed because of the interaction...not broadcasting.

Third, traditional marketing plays a numbers game. That is, if one spends enough money and targets enough people there will be a very small percentage of people who will in fact click and pay. However, the overwhelming majority do not and will not click on these advertisements.  Social Mediology is not about percentage or numbers games; it's about understanding how people want to be interacted with and then interacting with them in such a way that they build real "know, like, and trust" that leads to real business and real referrals for the business.

Q: How can marketers benefit by employing social mediology?

A: Let's be honest, not everyone who calls themselves a social media marketer really has a marketing background. Most marketers are not focused on the consumer within different environments, and the consumer's psychology within these environments, at the very least, is neglected and ignored.

When marketers understand the psychology of the individual user, who they are motivated to move from social media platform to purchase, and how the culture of these platforms affect the individual user, the marketer can have a higher ROI for the business because it's not about spending marketing dollars but increasing business by creating real relationships.

Q: Can you give our readers one quick takeaway that they can employ today?

A: The Power of Numerosity. Have you ever wondered what to do with those LinkedIn Endorsements? Do they have any value? As a matter of fact they do. They are the quickest way for people to see your credibility, knowledge, skills, and abilities. How? As humans we are attracted to large numbers. It's part of the psychology of numerosity. The higher your numbers are for your skills and abilities, the higher the likelihood someone will use you and your business over someone who has less.

We generally don't like to read a great deal of text. Get your endorsement numbers high, and move the endorsements up to the top of your profile. Show them your numbers and watch how many more people view your profile, refer you to others, and want to do business with you.