Q&A: Jason Kint, CEO, Digital Content Next

Sep 19, 2014

Article ImageThe organization formerly known as the Online Publishers Association (OPA) recently announced a new name, Digital Content Next, a rebrand that it says signals a renewed focus on defining and confronting critical, big picture issues that its members face when creating digital content experiences for consumers and marketers. Digital Content Next (DCN) is a trade association that exclusively serves the diverse needs of digital content companies that manage direct, trusted relationships with consumers and marketers. The association hired a new CEO in May of this year, Jason Kint, former SVP and GM of CBS Interactive's Sports division, and welcomed six new members to its membership of 55 brands in early September. EContent intereviewed Kint about the future of DCN.

Q: Can you tell me about the industry trends that drove the rebranding of the Online Publishers Association to Digital Content Next?

A: The entire landscape has changed, even the word "online" no longer felt relevant. Digital has become an integrated necessity of daily lives -- from laptops to tablets to wearables and devices not yet imagined. We wanted to evolve the organization with the times. Every content company should get value from this organization.

Q: What is the new name supposed to convey to members and potential new members?

A: This rebrand provides an even stronger focus on the agenda of digital content companies while signaling a drive into the future.  DCN exists as the only trade association to exclusively serve the unique and diverse needs of the digital content companies who manage trusted, direct relationships with consumers and marketers. 

Q: What do you hope to bring to the organization as the new CEO?

A: I'm humbled to be a voice for the most influential brands in media and would be thrilled to say DCN made a difference in the success of these brands down the road. This includes both companies evolving from offline to digital and companies born in digital still establishing themselves. 

Q: In terms of industry trends, what will Digital Content Next be making a priority in 2015?

A: We'll be carrying the considerable momentum we're seeing into the next year.  This involves building on our record membership growth in the past three months. There are digital content companies of all size, platforms and revenue models that will benefit from our work.  In addition, we'll be evolving our programming and research to not just represent the current state of business but to influence the future of digital content.  This will be an exciting year. 

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