Globalizing Snackable Content

Feb 24, 2017

Article ImageShort, sweet, engaging pieces of content are flourishing. Digital experiences demand snackable content. Hungry digital consumers who want to find what they need quickly like it. Mobile and omnichannel customers who are on the go love it. In order to make it truly meaningful and sticky across all your target markets, as part of a robust content marketing strategy, you have to craft experiences that are not just based on bits and pieces of localized content—you must offer actionable nuggets of localized content that are easy to follow and connect.

Consistency and relevance are your best allies when grabbing the attention of global customers and keep feeding them. You should also bear in mind some dependencies and factors that are tied to digital globalization as a whole. Here are some points that are even more crucial to consider when deploying and valuing bite-sized content internationally, wherever it must be understood, consumed, remembered and shared.

  • Make snackable content edible according to the tastes of your audience. Since local experiences reflect what customers are eager to receive it must be designed, developed, and blended according to local standards and practices. As always, content effectiveness remains founded on how efficiently you engage with your audiences linguistically, culturally, and functionally. Snackable content is certainly no exception to that rule, as it must combine the highest quality with the shortest, fastest way to customers regardless of their ecosystems.
  • Remember one size does not fit all for snackable content. Linguistically speaking, the minimum and maximum amount of text varies to be in line with local definitions and perceptions of what snackable actually is. If you do not localize it for multiple audiences it may become more or less succinct, only because you have to achieve the same goal with more or less content. This comes up in localized text subject to expansion or contraction. Count your words to ensure your words count! Similarly the amount of non-textual content--such as the number of visuals, the duration of videos and the type of sound--should be adapted to delight diverse and international audiences.
  • Make it shareable through immediate stickiness. Getting the balance right between brevity and depth is the name of the game, and speed is the key to success here. First, world-class snackable content is going to be sticky in your digital products, properties and – equally important – the mind of customers. Second, they will share the content they trust and remember more easily. By doing so they will help reuse and repurpose your snackable content beyond your own expectations, and push it beyond borders and boundaries
  • Snackable content is more than words. Digital content grows incrementally through visual content that is most business critical in a number of international markets where mobile ecosystems prevail and visual components are most welcome. Cultural, legal, and functional guidelines are paramount to choose and use the right imagery and sound, ranging from colors and icons to pictures and music.
  • Leverage snackable content beyond social media and online campaigns. While social media and other online platforms are obvious channels to use, but you can increase customer centricity by distributing content across platforms or applications where global customers find it relevant and useful. Some local users appreciate it as much when it is used for training or assistance purposes. For example you can achieve more with a set of 45 second tutorials or e-learning modules in some countries. It adds more value to them over time than one five-minute video covering the same topics. You can anticipate the acceptance of snackable content for marketing, training, and support by embracing the practices local customers are used to.
  • Design and develop snackable content for global mobile users from the outset. As such content fits very nicely in mobile platforms and applications, globalizing it requires proper internationalization and due diligence. Failing to create snackable content with international mobile users in mind leads to serious customer experience issues, additional costs along the way, and unnecessary iterations in your global deployment efforts
  • Tap into globalization and localization expertise to make snackable content shine in all regions and countries. Short content is not easier to localize. It is actually more challenging in many cases. This is why partnering with experts who can take it to the highest level in any market means investing in local profitability and global growth through content. These resources may be external agencies, language analysts, copywriters, terminologists, architects, or creative leads. They can advise on the best tools and assets that enable you to globalize snackable content in a sustainable fashion.

Snackable content has become increasingly popular internationally. In a way it might be compared to sushi. It is globally known and appreciated and it is most locally effective when it matches local taste and flavor without losing its original essence.

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