Content Marketing in the Online Marketing & Advertising Industry

Jul 03, 2013

Article ImageThis following article is the fourth in a series addressing the needs and concerns of content marketing in a variety of industry verticals by Jessica Davis of Godot Media.

More than any other industry, content marketing is absolutely essential for companies in the online marketing or advertising industry. After all, content marketing is the latest, and probably one of the most effective, forms of marketing out there. How can they provide excellent marketing services to their clients when they themselves are not using one of the best marketing and advertising tools online?

However, compared to companies in other industries, more online marketing and advertising companies have adopted content marketing. In a recent survey by MailOnline among American advertising and marketing brands and executives, more than 75% of the responding agencies said that they use content marketing as part of the overall promotional and advertising activities. Still, it comes as a major surprise that there are quite a few companies in the advertising and online marketing industries that are yet to embrace this form of marketing for themselves or their clients.

What's more heartening is the fact that the respondents understood the importance of content marketing and said that they have plans to ramp up their content marketing efforts in the future. Also, these brands were sourcing content from various sources - which is always a good thing. This brings in more variety in the content, piques the interest of readers more, and allows brands to connect with leads and industry leaders. The most popular sources of content for advertising and marketing companies, apart from their in-house teams, are publishers of media and their own clients. The respondents also sourced content from external content creators.

Companies in the advertising and marketing industries are publishing their content via different channels. Almost 70% of respondents said they used channels other than email and their company websites to publish and market their content. This means that advertising and marketing companies are aware of the content marketing channels available and are not sticking to one channel to get content out to readers. This is all good news for the advertising and marketing industries.

Companies in these industries that are yet to adopt this form of marketing need to start content marketing as soon as possible to merely survive in the marketing and advertising sectors. Such companies need to create a content marketing strategy before seeking the help of external agencies to create content for them if required.

Why advertising and marketing companies should start content marketing

Most importantly, an advertising agency or a marketing firm that does not practice content marketing itself is a major turn-off to prospective clients. Clients looking to improve their marketing efforts are bound to wonder about a marketing agency that is not using content marketing for itself.

According to an article by TMG Custom Media, most decision makers in businesses would rather get information about companies from their articles than advertisements. Similarly, even consumers would rather know about a company form articles than ads. Most importantly, people love going back to brands if they like their content and content marketing is way cheaper than traditional forms of marketing. With all these benefits, marketing and advertising agencies have no excuse to not use content marketing.

Content marketing also allows advertising and marketing agencies to showcase and describe important projects, campaigns and their skills. Advertising and marketing agencies are at an advantage because they create a large amount of interesting and visual content for campaigns such as videos, images, infographics, memes, etc. and these are great for content marketing campaigns. Most importantly, content marketing allows advertising agencies to connect with their clients and manage their reputations.

Content marketing tips for advertising and marketing companies

  • Hire journalists-- Content writing is all about story telling and as an advertising or marketing executive, you need to be able to create cutting-edge, attractive, and original content. Journalists are skilled at weaving stories around topics and they can tell the story of your brand in an effective manner. With all the search engine algorithm updates, there is a need for content written in the traditional way and journalists know how to do that. They are also able to find interesting stories and build up on them quickly. With original and interesting content written in an excellent manner, you can establish your company as an authority figure in the industry.

  • Get the in-house team to create exciting visual content-- If you own an advertising or marketing agency, you probably already have a great in-house team of graphic designers, animators, copywriters, artists, videographers, etc. Get them to create excellent content for your company and make sure a major portion of the content that you are uploading is visual such as videos, infographics, photos, etc.

  • Gather content from other sources-- You may want to publish content that has been created in-house, but referring to other sources and using their content with due credit allows your company to offer different types of content to readers. Also, if you find interesting articles, infographics, case studies, etc. from competitors, don't hesitate to share them with your readers.

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