Apple Uses World Gallery in Content Marketing Counter-Attack Against Galaxy S6

Mar 04, 2015

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You hay have heard that Apple turned its homepage into a showcase for photography this week—a brilliant content marketing move. In the World Gallery Apple featured photos taken with the iPhone 6 across the globe. Not only did the company reward its notoriously loyal users, it took a swipe at competitors (like the Galaxy S6 which launched on the same day) that claim to have better cameras, and drew in photography buffs who may or may not care about iPhone cameras.

Alongside each photo Apple includes a little blurb that tells you who took the photo, the location, and what app was used to take it--which has the added bonus of giving a boost to app creators. And, of course, each individual image was shareable.

This is classic Apple marketing. Rather than focusing on the product, Apple focuses on its users’ experiences with the product. At the heart of World Gallery is user-generated content that allows people to showcase their own talent and creativity. At the same time the photos remind you that Apple products are being used in every corner of the globe, from Myanmar to Dubai.

The folks at Apple know what many marketers are still struggling to figure out: No one wants to hear your claims of superiority, they just want to see it in action. It doesn’t matter if the new Galaxy has better zoom or more mega-pixels, because look what the iPhone 6 can do! If you can figure out how to take this lesson to heart and put it to use in your content marketing efforts, you will see the results.