Amplify Your Content's Reach -- Infographic

Jan 19, 2015

Article ImageThere's an all too familiar pattern many businesses, especially startups, face when they are trying to get their content out there - they spend hours and hours working on high-quality videos, or online advertisements, and yet, the following just isn't coming in the way they want. It doesn't matter how many times you Facebook post or Tweet your new video; the following remains at a frustrating standstill.

If your company is experiencing this, and you are finding yourself feeling stuck, maybe you need to change how you're going about promoting your content. Of course, in the modern digital age most businesses don't just have Facebook and Twitter pages, but the whole range of social media platforms at their disposal--from Instagram and Vine to Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube and even LinkedIn. With so many ways to advertise, though, it's important to learn the right social media etiquette, so you can cross breed your sites appropriately.

But more than that, you need to figure out what you can be doing to amplify your content to get even higher traffic. There's a delicate science to promoting your content, and if you don't come up with a strategic plan, you're going to stay stuck at the bottom. It's easier now than ever before to catch audiences' attention, the trick is figuring out how to go viral. And as difficult as it sounds, maybe it's not all too impossible if you figure out the right techniques. Here is a helpful Infographic to get you started on the way to amplifying your online content for a much larger following:

Amplified Graphic