St. Petersburg Times: A Case of Perfecting SEO

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Oct 21, 2011

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The St. Petersburg Times was founded in 1884 as the West Hillsborough Times, with an original circulation of 480. More than a century and 8 Pulitzer Prize Awards later, the St. Petersburg Times has grown to become the largest newspaper in Florida and the 25th largest in the United States, with a daily readership of over 591,000 and Sunday readership of approximately 966,000. Its website,, is a major media destination for west-central Florida, providing users with breaking news, video, in-depth reporting, and blogs, as well as links to other St. Petersburg Times' projects, such as its politics site, 


Business Challenge:

As the journalism industry continues to face declining readership, newspapers such as the St. Petersburg Times are relying on websites to engage readers. While has been up and running for years, it had never really taken advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to grow its traffic. When it decided to start taking baby steps with SEO, link building, and social networking, had some early successes, but it quickly realized that in order to reach its full potential, it would have to develop a much more organized and holistic SEO approach.

Vendor of Choice: Optify

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