St. Joseph Medical Center: A Case of Intelligent Care with Datawatch

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Article ImageSt. Joseph Medical Center (SJMC) is a regional healthcare facility that has been in operation since 1864. Originally founded by the Sisters of St. Francis in Philadelphia, the hospital was relocated in 1965 to its current site in Towson, Md.. SJMC has since become a well-known medical center with more than 1,100 physicians and 2,500 nurses on staff representing more than 50 medical specialties. SJMC has dozens of medical units and operating suites catering to thousands of patients in the region. As a member of Catholic Health Initiatives, SJMC makes a promise to be "always expert, always personal, and always faith-filled."

There were originally two problems facing SJMC, according to the facility’s applications analyst Steve Breitenbach. The first was an issue with payroll and time management: How could department managers cut down on the amount of time it takes to review and manage time sheets and payroll? The inefficiency of the existing process required a new alternative. Simultaneously, the diabetes management team was looking for a newer, faster way to monitor and report patients’ blood-sugar levels in real time. In addition, they sought a way to filter and distribute these reports to each other in a convenient manner. Two different problems needed answers; no one suspected that those problems could both be solved using one product.

Monarch BI Server is a relatively new product from Datawatch Corp. designed to help small and mid-size business owners make better business decisions on a daily basis. Unlike many traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions, Monarch BI Server leverages existing systems and applications to turn static reports, statements, and document data into actionable information. Datawatch believes that the key to Monarch BI Server’s success is the proven technology that was used to develop the program, and they see it as an efficient, cost-effective, and self-explanatory look at BI technology.

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