A Case of Storage Space

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Article ImageCompany: MyPhotoAlbum

MyPhotoAlbum is a photo-sharing service offering features for creating personalized online photo albums and photo keepsakes. Founded in 2004, MyPhotoAlbum set out to take the online photo experience beyond the ordinary uploading and printing capabilities, offering thematic photo-album designs, personalized web addresses for users, and a host of products to turn photos into gifts and keepsakes. MyPhotoAlbum is a creation of FortuneCity.com, Inc., a company founded in 1997 and headquartered in New York City.

Business Challenge:
When MyPhotoAlbum first launched, the company used an internet service provider (ISP) that offered managed storage to host the photos that users uploaded to the site. The company outsourced its storage needs to an ISP storage array, which handled everything. At the beginning, this worked well enough, but as MyPhotoAlbum began to grow—with its storage needs also growing—the company realized that its ISP was no longer able to keep up with the site’s demand. The company decided to move to an in-house storage system to increase scalability and to regain a sense of control.

Vendor of Choice: ONStor
ONStor is a provider of network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, and is based in Silicon Valley, Calif. ONStor’s Bobcat Series of NAS Gateways and industry standard storage arrays deliver scalable, shared storage to Windows, UNIX, and Linux clients and servers. Because ONStor NAS gateways are interoperable with the industry’s broadest range of storage arrays, customers are free to choose the storage that best fits their business needs, eliminating vendor lock-in.

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