A Case of (Legal) Email Wrangling with Novell Groupwise

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Article ImageFounded in 1979, Whitelaw Twining is a Vancouver, Canada-based boutique law corporation. The firm is highly specialized, with about 25 lawyers focused on litigating for customers in the insurance and construction industries. Because of the firm’s highly specialized nature, it is fairly large, with about 15,000 open cases.

Business Challenge
Things have changed a lot since the 1970s when Whitelaw Twining first set up shop. As email became a more commonplace means of communication, attorneys at Whitelaw Twining started sending emails (rather than letters) to clients and other people who were related to their cases. This caused the amount of data being stored by the firm to explode. Most legally sensitive communications can’t simply be deleted, since they need to be kept for compliance purposes. This meant finding a better way to store, sort, and manage these documents.

Vendor of Choice: Novell GroupWise
Headquartered in Waltham, Mass., Novell first started touting the need for secure corporate networks in the 1980s. It now focuses on providing collaboration tools, security, identity management, resource management, data center applications, and open source operating systems. Novell has more than 50,000 customers in 43 countries. GroupWise 8 provides a collaborative workspace that combines email, calendars, tasks, and content management. It connects to Web 2.0 innovations in a customizable productivity dashboard for each end user.

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