A Case of Improving Content Flow: From Storage to Access

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Article ImageCompany: R.R. Bowker

R.R. Bowker is an ISBN (international standard book number) agency for the U.S. The company receives data feeds from publishers, wholesalers, and distributors. New Providence, N.J.-based Bowker, which has served the publishing industry for more than 130 years, sells its information in data feeds, web services, and websites, as well as through other custom solutions.


Business Challenge
Bowker certainly handles a lot of information—from data being entered into its systems to data being requested by customers. Bowker’s Global Books in Print database contains bibliographic information on millions of book titles, with more than 20 million documents accessible to a customer base comprising the entire book industry, from publishers and libraries to bookstores and distributors. Those millions of documents equal approximately 600GB of information in a database that conducts 600,000–700,000 daily updates. Query volume averaged four queries per second. Bowker needed an extremely effective way to store and provide access to a whole lot of data.

Vendor of Choice: Mark Logic
Founded in 2001, Mark Logic is an enterprise software company based in San Carlos, Calif. The company’s main product is Mark Logic Server, an XML content server. Mark Logic focused initially on the publishing market, assisting customers with various content-related challenges, such as providing more integrated search functionality for their end users, as well as improved overall access to that content. The company is now entering additional markets, such as government and financial services.

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