A Case of Connecting Busy Bees

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Article ImageCompany: One Economy

One Economy is a multi-national nonprofit organization that brings broadband to the homes of low-income people and provides a multilingual web portal called The Beehive, which connects people with information and services ranging from education and health to employment. To date more than 9 million people have used the Beehive, 20% of whom accessed the content in Spanish, and over 200,000 low-income people have broadband at home through the work of One Economy.

www.one-economy.com; www.thebeehive.org

Business Challenge
One Economy's mission is to connect low-income people to the internet, but the non-profit was faced with internal collaboration problems of its own. With 50 employees spread out across the U.S. and abroad, and satellite offices technically isolated from One Economy's D.C. headquarters, the organization needed an employee portal--and fast. The goal was to enable employees to share information resources more efficiently across One Economy's locations and to provide access from remote sites, like the housing projects, where employees frequently work.

Vendor of Choice: Jive Software
Jive Software provides collaboration software to improve a company's productivity through open collaboration among employees, partners and customers. Its Clearspace platform provides a unified view of blogs, wikis, and other social networking tools to enable real-time access to user-generated content, regardless of the application in which it was created.

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