4shared: A Case of Complex Ad Serving

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The Outcome

Since implementing Epom's solutions in August of 2011, Stoieva says big changes have come to 4shared in the form of time-efficiency and increased impression rates. "Well, 4shared sales managers spend less time on campaign launch and find it's gotten easier to manage campaigns in real time," she says. "The impression rate has, obviously, become higher, due much to the usage of Epom targeting options-including deep geotargeting, language and mobile targeting, for instance."

"One more advantage for us is related to Epom's mobile mediation partnership base, due to which it's easy to set up particular ad networks for their particular regions," says Stoieva. "Much owing to Epom's CTR and CPA optimization opportunities, we've already grown our revenue in numerous campaigns. Furthermore, essential benefits are acquired from the broad range of mobile rich media formats available at Epom, such as mobile interstitial." Stoieva also mentions Epom's delivery of local content via content delivery network (CDN) as a major plus.

The partnership has been mutually beneficial. "As for us, 4shared is one of our largest clients among publishers, and we're willing to implement more beneficial features so that our partnership gets even more rewarding for them," says Wi´sniewska. 

It seems likely that this partnership will continue to flourish. As Stoieva says, "Epom's support team deserves mentioning as well, because we're provided with 24/7 assistance from our personal support manager, who's ready and willing to answer any questions and solve minor problems, if those occur, quickly. Such dedication from that side of the company assures us [that we are] a valued client."  

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